1 media video production – Let us take your ideas to the rest of the world.

We create high quality videos and films for a wide range of clients, utilising the latest techniques and technologies to hit the mark.
Our approach is to always keep abreast of the latest cameras, lighting and sound equipment as well as the latest filming techniques and trends and then build it in, or introduce it to a clients production.

Whether you need to promote your business on social media, or you need to train your team, or get a message out to them in the form of a regular video newsletter, we can do it all.

We can produce simple videos, or if you want something a little different, we have the ability to include green screen, super slow motion, smooth steady cam shots, animated graphics, aerial drone video and 4K Ultra HD.  This all means you get outstanding video production for any audience on any budget and in the best possible quality.

We have an experienced team of creative producers, camera operators and video editors on site who will oversee the project from start to finish, so whether your ideas come fully formed, half baked, or even if you’re completely unsure what you need, we will work with you to produce a video you can be proud of.

At 1 media we pride ourselves on getting to know your needs as well as the needs of your business to make bespoke video content that works for you.